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 MACON, GA 31210

(912) 471-7857

SELLER:    MAXASTA                                                                                            BUYER:

DATE OF SALE:                                                                                                        ADDRESS:

TYPE:  SHOW  _ _    PET ___                                                                                   TELEPHONE: 

COSTS:    DOG  $                         AIR FARE  $                       CRATE  $                  OTHER $  

TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE: $                          DEPOSIT: $                           BALANCE DUE: $



BREED: FINNISH SPITZ                    SEX: M___ F___         COLOR: RED GOLD

REGISTERED NAME OF DOG:     MAXASTA’S  _______________________________________

DATE IF BIRTH:                                                         PLACE OF BIRTH: MACON GA

LITTER REG. NO.:                                                     AKC/SKC/UKC NO(s): 


 SIRE:                                                                                        DAME:   

 PAPERS PROVIDED:  AKC/UKC Registration Papers upon receipt _




SHOW PROSPECT:  The dog has no disqualifying faults or serious lack of breed characteristics, which would render the dog either ineligible for showing or being competitive for championship points as of the date of sale.  This dog is not guaranteed to be a champion, but is of such a quality that he/she can compete and place with other dogs under the appropriate kennel club rules.  With the proper training, conditioning, and handling this dog should be capable of competing with and defeating other dogs of its age with a normal statistical probability.  It is understood that this dog is of acceptable temperament and structure and embodies the basic standards of the breed and will remain so with proper care and treatment.

PET PROSPECT:  This dog may have faults, which would prevent it from winning in competition for championship points.  The dog is however, guaranteed to be in good health and of sound temperament and should remain so with proper care and treatment.

                                                                      Condition of Sale

 1.__X__  Kennel name of MAXASTA is to be used when registering this dog.

2.__X__  Buyer has 48 hours from the arrival/acceptance of said dog to return said dog with out questions for refund of the sale price.  All other costs will be the responsibility of the buyer (i.e. shipping, etc.).

3.__X__  Seller does hereby warrant that this dog is in good health and that seller will either refund the purchase price or replace the dog (sellers option) if buyer submits to seller a veterinarian statement dated within 72 hours from date of purchase stating the disease or infirmity the dog is alleged to have.  Dog must be returned if refund is desired and if dog is returned, it will be at no cost to the seller.  A replacement dog will be similar in age and quality and selected by the seller.

4.__X__  The seller retains first right of refusal should the dog be offered for sale at a subsequent date.  Buyer must notify the seller in writing after which the seller has 30 days to exercise the purchase option.  Should the dog be sold to a third party the owner will execute a contract identical to this and provide a copy to this seller.

 5._____  Retention of stud rights on all dogs for use with bitches owned by seller (no stud fee).

6._____  Buyer will not breed this bitch more than once per year, and not until the bitch has reach a minimum of 18 months of age.  Bitches will not be bred over the age of 7 years with a maximum of 4 litters, unless agreed with in writing by the seller.  Buyer agrees not to breed this dog with any unregistered dogs or dogs of another breed.

7._____  Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this dog at the earliest possible date (but not later than the following date: _________ ) as this dog is not considered to be of breeding quality and should not therefore produce offspring.  If this dog has not been previously registered a “limited” registration will be requested when registered.  Failure to meet this provision will result in the buyer paying a penalty of five times (5x) the purchase price of the dog.

8._____  Additional agreements:   

No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract.

__________________________________         ________________________________
Seller / Date                                                                            Buyer / Date







The answers you give on this application will help match you and the dogs available. Please fill out the form completely and return to the address listed at the end of this form.  If no phone number is given, this application will be discarded.



Home Phone:

Address: Alternate Phone:

City, State, Zip: E-mail:

Best Time to Call:


Do you own or rent your home:

If renting, do you have your landlord’s permission to keep a dog? Yes / No

Landlord’s name and phone number:

Do you live in a (circle)

House Apartment Mobil Home Condo Other:

How long have you been at this address:

Do you have a fenced yard:  Yes / No

   Type:                         Height:

Does fencing completely enclose a yard for dog:  Yes / No

If no fence, how will you handle dog’s exercise and toilet duties:

Do you have a separate kennel run:  Yes / No

   List height:                              and size:

How many adults in household:

How many children:

Age and sex of children:

Do you own other dogs:  Yes / No

Are they neutered:  Yes / No

Give breed, sex and age of each:

Do you have a regular veterinarian:  Yes / No

Give name:

Veterinarian’s city and phone number:

How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 Years:

Give breed(s) and list if you still own dog:

If not, what happened to dog (be specific):

Have you owned this breed before:  Yes / No

Why did you choose this breed:

List all plans for this dog (circle):

Pet Guard Hunting Obedience Agility Show

Do you want a (circle):

Male Female No Preference

Acceptable age range:

I have marked my preference but would be willing to consider a dog of a different (circle):

Sex / Age

Where will dog spend the day (circle):

Loose indoors Crate Basement Garage

Fenced yard Loose outdoors Tied up outdoors Kennel run Other:

Where will the dog spend the night (circle):

Loose indoors Crate Basement Garage Fenced yard Loose outdoors Tied up outdoors

Kennel run Other:

How many hours, on the average, will the dog spend alone:

Are any family members allergic to dogs:


Do all family members want to adopt a dog: Yes / No

If no, describe:

All of the information I have given above is true and complete.



Applicant Signature Parent co-sign if applicant is under 18 years of age              Date



































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