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Hear what our buyers have to say about Maxasta:

My husband Daniel and I purchased a male from you in November of last year.  We named him Leo.  We are happy to report that he has been a joy to us.  I thought you might be interested to know that Leo has successfully completed Obedience 101, 102 and Beginners Tricks & Skits.  Last weekend, he debuted in a play for an animal rescue fundraiser.  He was only an extra, but for 9 months of age he was very good.  Here is a recent photo in his saloon bandana.  Thanks so much for working with us, we love him dearly.

Kind regards,

This is Chris. I bought a male puppy from you in January and I just wanted to let you know how he was doing. His name is Copper and he is doing great. He gotten so big. He's around 33lbs and full of energy. He loves to lay with other dogs, but most of the time he tires them out and he's still ready to go. I've attached some pictures of him. Hope you enjoy. Thanks

I just wanted to send a few current pictures of the puppy we adopted from you in January.  Please let me know if you get this email.  

Kiki is a male pup from the October 4, 2007, litter of Dearie and Juju.  

Kiki is vivacious and spunky.  He loves playing with toys, frolicking in streams, carrying supplies in his backpack, and eating toilet paper (when he sneaks it).  He is fearless to noises, trucks, and construction, and approaches new situations with a playful curiosity.  He is a joyous pup and does everything with gusto.  He brings us great happiness.

He knows sit, down, stay, come, off, and go to your crate (his favorite command, since it means dinnertime).

My husband Leo and I are expecting a baby (a human one) this November and are very much looking forward to introducing Gabriela and the dogs to one another.  Kiki and Gardel love the company of children.


I came by your email and thought I would drop you a picture of Buddy.  He has turned out to be a excellent dog, great with the kids, training was a bit tough starting so late but he has come around very well.  He is a great strong healthy dog with a great heart.

Thanks again so much.

The Watchorns in Calgary Alberta, Canada



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